Behind the Lens with Jayme Markus

by Lauren Setum

Say ‘cheese’! I’m not sure how many professional photographers really use that phrase, but it seemed like an appropriate way to begin a post that features a New York-based photographer who was raised in Wisconsin. While being a fellow cheese head didn’t hurt, the real reason I decided to introduce you to Jayme today is because I admire her creative eye. Her work has a certain confidence to it; I love that she tackles both digital and analogue film photography with apparent ease and grace. The end result is a product that is not just technically beautiful, but has a raw artistic value to it as well. Check out what she has to say in this fill-in-the-blank interview!

I grew up in Wisconsin and then moved to Minneapolis for college. The thing I miss most about the Midwest is the frozen custard and being close to old friends.


I made the move to NYC because of an internship with 100Cameras (my favorite charity of all time). The city never sleeps. Really. For instance, there is a weekly speak easy in an old Mob hideout filled with swing music and dancing.


If you visit NYC, you absolutely must go to The Back Room on a Monday.

I am inspired by the people you see on the subway.

I’m currently working on building out my freelance video + photography business!


Good photography can alter perspectives & empower.

When choosing a photographer, meet them in person first. Gauge how you feel with them. You should feel encouraged to be yourself when you are around them. 

Someday I will photograph a life changing moment.


When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me drinking iced coffee at a coffee shop.

I really admire my family, we stick together even if there are a few miles between us.

I’m currently obsessed with Kinfolk Magazine and how they capture the intricate detail of the world.

If I had to live on a deserted island for a year (that luckily had shelter, food and water), I would bring these three things: my journal, my Holga camera, and my brothers.

When it comes to photography and other creative fields, I believe that it can be used to showcase the good in the world, and little by little that will change it for the better.