Macaron Mystery

by Lauren Setum

My recent posts on French textilesfashion and travel inspired me to try my hand at a chocolate macaroon recipe that I found here. The moral of my first go at these little sandwich cookies? There’s always room for improvement. The ganache turned out beautifully…when is the combo of cream, chocolate and butter not scrumptious? The cookies, on the other hand, turned out a little sticky/chewy. Nevertheless, the recipe received glowing reviews online so, this time around, I’m chalking it up to user-error…and seeking advice from a friend who went to culinary school. Her thoughts and advice? The chewy texture was probably due to over-mixed egg whites; she said that sticking the cookies (after filling with ganache) in the freezer will soften the them right up. Who knew? I do now!


Magazine: most recent issue of Veranda

Guidebook: Parisienne French by Rhianna Jones