Love to Lounge!

by Lauren Setum

I’m gonna be honest, I bop around the Twin Cities in sweats quite often…especially on winter weekends. I’m sure there are a lot of fashion and design bloggers out there who wouldn’t be caught dead in lounge wear, but I’m not one of them. Sometimes you just can’t beat the relaxed feeling of lounge wear.

Last night, while watching Law & Order (my all time favorite!) and sipping wine (in lounge wear, of course), I decided I should share some of my favorite t-shirt finds with all of you. Also included…a little jacket trick that makes them casual Friday appropriate. Add a pair of jeans and heels, and ta-da! You are stylish.


T-Shirt The Social Dept.  |  Jacket H&M

Where are you from again? Ooooooo, that’s right. Minesoooota.


T-shirt The Social Dept.  |  Jacket H&M

It’s true. Seriously. Get cheese curds in Wisconsin. If they’re the good kind, they’ll squeak.


T-Shirt Buy Me Brunch  |  Jacket H&M

A snuggly, jersey-like jacket to go with the snuggle monster!


T-Shirt Jimmy Danko  |  Jacket H&M  |  Hand Bag Zara

This ensemble gets a blue bag because the blue color is so fabulous. Plus, every gorilla needs a bag. What? You didn’t know that? Anyhow, the Zara bag is on super-sale for $20…get it while it lasts!

California Cool

by Lauren Setum

Monday has arrived; hope everyone (affected by this silly Polar Vortex) is staying as toasty as possible on this frigid morning. I’d like to contribute whatever warmth I can by sharing a story from California for today’s blog post. You may recall my entry from last July, outlining my experience with the custom art that hangs in my bedroom. Well, today, I’m showcasing artwork by that same artist, but this time, the piece is a bit larger in scale.


This mural, by Jimmy Danko, was done especially for Santa Monica’s Converse store. See it come together in the video below.

Converse opened a new flagship retail store on the 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica. Behind the cashstand is an 11ft x 16ft wall where every six months they will feature a new L.A. artist. I was selected to be the featured artist for the grand opening of the store and this is the mural I brought to life. -Jimmy Danko

Let your Art do the Talking

by Lauren Setum

It often seems that art is an after-thought for many people when it comes to their interior spaces. Today, however, we’ll look at why it should be one of the first considerations when thinking about a design scheme. Custom pieces, in particular, can make a space feel extra personal, and I have the art to prove it! I recently collaborated with Los Angeles based artist, Jimmy Danko, on a custom painting for my home. Here’s a peek at the process…


Most artists have a style or genre that they focus on. So, keeping his style as an artist in mind, Jimmy and I discussed concepts for my painting. He was intrigued by the idea of incorporating text into the piece. Many conversations/images/design discussions later, we landed on the words ‘Drive Until’. Why? Well, I liked the word ‘drive’ because of how it could be interpreted…an individual can have drive, or one could drive somewhere (i.e. travel, explore). Then we talked about my love for the movie The Sound of Music. If you’ve seen it, you know there’s a song with the lyrics ‘climb every mountain until you find your dream’. I suggested, therefore, the phrase ‘Drive until you find’. Jimmy, using his artist’s intuition, shortened it to the phrase you see on the options above. Oh yeah, and the background came about because I may have sent just a few images of fabrics and wall coverings that I liked…An excerpt from our direct correspondence is below and explains the options above (notice how the artist tailors services since he knows the client personally!)

“Lauren! Ok, attached is my idea for your painting. There’s a brief on the first page that kind of explains my idea behind it. As you’ll see I steered away from imagery. The piece leans heavily on technique, texture and type. There are a few versions of the same basic composition. Normally I wouldn’t include those, but I know you kind of have a vision for your house and I thought one option might resonate more than another with that vision.”

Keep reading to see which one I chose…


Teaser photo that I received part-way through the process.


All ready to ship from Jimmy’s studio in downtown LA. He builds the crate, complete with the gorilla logo, for every piece he sends out into the world. Pretty cool!


All complete, on the wall in my room!


Details up close


 Did you really think I wouldn’t have already chosen fabric for other things in the room?