Every Homemade Invitation Needs…

by Lauren Setum

Well a frog with a tutu, of course! This year, my cousin and I are planning Christmas day festivities. The theme? The Nutcracker. I really wanted the invites to be handmade so I headed to my local craft store to pick up some materials. I’d intended to purchase a rubber stamp of a nutcracker, but the closest thing they had was a frog with a crown and tutu. Roll with the punches they say. The invites turned out pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. Take a look…


Glitter paper: I used 12×12 sheets from Recollections at Michael’s. It’s a great weight for invites. The link shows other colors than what I used, but your local store should have a pad of this paper in the more neutral colors shown here (20 sheets/pad).

Ivory cardstock: I cut down sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 from Staples

Edge punch: I used this one from Staples to create the decorative edge on the glitter paper

Rubber stamp: How can you not love this Tutu Toad stamp from Michael’s?!

Ink pad: I used Brilliance Cosmic Copper; available at Michael’s

1/8″ circle hand punch: Similar one here

Snowflake binder clasps: These are made by Recollections and are also available at Michael’s

Paper cutter: A similar version of the one I used can be found at Staples. I highly recommend making your cuts using something like this as it ensures that your cuts will be precise and your measurement accurate.


Step 1: Use the paper cutter to trim the glitter paper to a size just slightly smaller than the envelope you will send the invite in. I used 5.25″H x 7.25″W envelopes, so I cut the paper with those dimensions in mind.

Step 2: Use the edge punch to create a decorative border on the short sides of the glitter paper. You will want to set the punch to Setting #2 so that it creates a border and not a separate strip of paper.

Step 3: Format a Powerpoint document (I find that text boxes are easier to manipulate in this program vs. MS Word) with the text/info you want to include. I was able to fit four text boxes per sheet, but you’ll want to adjust formatting accordingly depending on the size of your invites. The guidelines in Powerpoint are helpful when it comes to placement, and if you view the document at 100% on your computer screen, you can literally put the paper up to the screen to make sure sizing is correct. Once that’s complete, print the text onto the card stock sheets.

Step 4: Trim the card stock so that it is slightly smaller than the glitter paper you just trimmed. You’ll want about 3/8″ of the glitter paper showing as a border.

Step 5: Add the Tutu Toad stamp to the left of the printed text. Let dry.

Step 6: Place one of the trimmed and stamped card stock sheets on top of one of the trimmed glitter sheets. Once placed where you would like it, punch an 1/8″ hole at the top center of the card stock (glitter paper should be punched simultaneously).

Step 7: Use one of the snowflake clasps to bind the two together. Invites are now ready to be stuffed and sent out!


Fine Dining

by Lauren Setum

Last week, a friend brought my attention to Kate Spade’s Wickford Dinnerware Collection (shown below) featuring a fantastically fun wiener dog motif. I love the combo of kelly green and navy that the collection utilizes, very fresh and chic. The set inspired today’s post which showcases a handful of dinnerware collections that I find endearing, each for a different reason. Imagine the tablescapes that could be created with these…


  Airplanes Kip O’Krongly at Northern Clay Center: Functional and artful all in one. I love that the design isn’t overly feminine and nods to a vintage aesthetic.

 Blue floral Blue Fluted Mega by Karen Kjaelgaard Larsen at Bloomingdale’sClassic blue and white with a modern twist. I find this line simply stunning. Each piece is slightly different; unexpected yet definitely cohesive.  

  Wiener dog set Kate Spade at Macy’sThe catalyst for today’s post. A wiener dog motif plus stripes; can’t go wrong there!

 Orange floral AnthropologieThis is a smaller, salad size plate, but I think the pop of color it has to offer a more neutral table setting is just delightful. Not to mention the unique shape.

 Taxi Kirk Lyttle at Northern Clay Center: If you prefer a more handmade look, this plate is a great option. The taxi illustration sets it apart from other run-of-the-mill handmade pottery items. A great conversation piece.                                 

 Classic white set Montes DoggettBecause classic never goes out of style. I totally understand having a set like this as a staple item in your kitchen. Plus, it’s a great backdrop for different pops of color throughout the year. I selected this particular set because of the bowl design. I think the pedestal is so elegant; quietly intriguing.