by Lauren Setum

Happy Halloween, everyone! Today is all about enjoying treats and sweets, so I’m sharing my go-to ghost cookie recipe (everyone has a go-to ghost cookie recipe, right?). Enjoy!


You will need:

(1) package of Nutter Butter cookies

(1) 16 oz. package of Candiquik Vanilla Candy Coating (maybe 2 packages if you’re planning on generously coating your ghosts)

(1) package of mini chocolate chips


1) Melt candy coating according to package directions

2) Coat each Nutter Butter with Candiquik (both sides)

3) Add chocolate chips for eyes before Candiquik hardens

4) Allow coating to dry before storing (or eating cookies)


‘Twas the Day Before Halloween…

by Lauren Setum

BOO! Scared you! With Halloween coming up, you have to be on your toes. You never know who’s hiding around the corner. Or behind a tree…


I’ve never been too big on spending a lot on Halloween costumes. I can’t always say the same thing about my daily wardrobe though. While I love finding a great deal, I also condone the occasional splurge for really great pieces. My mom is kind enough to support this belief of mine from time to time…she bought me this DV Dolce Vita polka dot dress as a birthday gift. Thanks, Karen, you’re the best! Now I’m all set for Halloween

I paired the dress with black tights from Express and Antonio Melani leather boots from a few seasons ago (similar pair via Nine West at Nordstrom)