Caroline Hayden’s White Christmas Dress

by Lauren Setum

I purchased the Caroline Hayden dress, pictured below, from a sample sale here in Minneapolis this past fall. There was only one available, and it fit me perfectly! I, of course, featured it in a New Outfit post immediately afterward. Since then, it’s been deemed the ‘White Christmas dress’; its color, full circle skirt and chic silhouette resembles the dress Judy wore during the fake engagement announcement in the movie White Christmas (no fake engagements for me though!)

ch me

With six inches of fresh snow on the ground today, it seemed like the perfect day to wear my ‘White Christmas’ dress to work. So here I sit, writing a blog post about my Caroline Hayden outfit and perusing her new spring designs. A lovely balance of classic white and pops of color, don’t you think?


Paris in the Fall With Caroline Hayden

by Lauren Setum

Ok, so this post’s title may be slightly misleading, as I’ve never actually been to Paris, much less in the fall. But I hear it’s beautiful, and it is on my list of places to travel someday. In fact, I’m apparently already packing my bags and planning what to wear. When I saw this dress by local Minneapolis designer, Caroline Hayden, at the MN Fashion Week sample sale, I had to have it. There was only one sample, and it fit me perfectly…clearly meant to be, right? I paired it with a beautiful necklace from Sheer Addiction Jewelry, brown suede heeled boots, my mom’s belt (from the 70s?) and a knit cap. Wouldn’t it look great with the Eiffel Tower?!






Stay tuned throughout the week for more on France (and not just from me…from a person who’s actually lived there!).