What got you interested in design?

I grew up dancing – tap, ballet, jazz – and knew I wanted to spend my professional life doing something that afforded me that same creative expression and brought me that same happiness. Design, for me, is a way of thinking, a way of looking at the world. I feel quite lucky to be part of such a creative community that continuously inspires me.

You live in Minnesota? Is that really conducive to working in design and fashion?

You betcha. I live in Minneapolis, St. Paul’s twin city. I moved here, from southeastern Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!), back in 2006 to attend the University of Minnesota, TC. It’s a fabulous place, and I absolutely love it. Which brings me to the second question…YES! The Twin Cities have so much to offer aspiring artists and designers. The talent here is abundant and endlessly supportive. Midwest is best!

That being said, I make it a point to keep up with what’s new with vendors based outside of Minnesota and the Midwest, too. It’s important to be well-rounded and well-informed.

How would you describe your style?

I’ve found that my personal style continuously evolves as I learn more about and delve further into my passions and interests. Similarly, I really don’t have a favorite color as certain colors are more appropriate for and more beautiful within particular scenarios. I may gush over a certain blue hue in one situation but steer clear of it in another. That’s the beauty of design. There’s no one right answer, BUT there is a basic technique that should be adhered to. The trick is knowing what to manipulate and when. Bottom line: I have an appreciation for and understanding of a multitude of styles.

Do you freelance or do any consulting? How about collaborations?

So glad you asked! I most certainly do both. For more information, please visit the Design Services page, or email me at lauren@saltandpippa.com with inquiries or questions.

What are the latest trends? That’s what design is all about, right?

If you’re really curious about current trends, I’m happy to chitter-chatter about it; feel free to contact me. Trends are every-changing. Some stick around, some don’t. You should utilize and invest in the ones that you, personally, are attracted to. Never-ever get involved with a trend just because it’s what’s on the market right now. If you like it, go for it. If you don’t, forget about it. Design is about supporting your lifestyle and expressing who YOU are.

Do I need a big budget to achieve a great look?

Depends on your definition. Endless budget? No. Realistic budget? Yes. For my extended thoughts on what a great look entails, click here. When it comes to fashion and interior design, I believe that beautiful craftsmanship is worth the investment. On the other hand, I understand the need for a budget; I certainly have one when it comes to my home and closet contents. Often times, a combination of splurges and budget-friendly pieces is the answer. Every situation is different, and every solution is unique.

Who designed your website?

I collaborated with Ms. Amanda Wray Ninneman of Hazel Street Creative. She’s amazing to work with; I highly recommend!

Who takes the photographs?

The lovely and talented, Sarah Hrudka takes the photos for the New Outfit posts during fashion focused weeks. I use a Nikon D-90 to take all other photographs that appear on the site.