Design Services


Interior Design: Need a paint color consultation? New living room furniture? Whole house design complete with custom cabinetry and top-of-the-line plumbing fixtures? Delightful. Let’s figure out the best plan of attack for you!

Styling: Some occasions warrant extra-sensational apparel…let’s go shopping! We can find what’s best for you or work on selecting some great options for your bridal party; either way, it’ll be buckets of fun.

Don’t have a specific occasion but still looking to update your wardrobe? Fabulous. Your closet is super excited about it!

Events: It’s fiesta time! Invites, decor, and personal touches all add to the ambience. I’m here to help with ideation or, if you’d like, ideation + execution. Fill me in on your ideas, and we’ll turn it into an event to remember. Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Note: For new inquiries and rates, please contact