Giving Angels Wings

by Lauren Setum

What do the Victoria’s Secret Angels’ wings and Rat King from The Nutcracker have in common? The answer may not be the greatest punch line, but it is pretty cool: They were both created by the same person! If you caught the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show the other night, you probably saw some pretty fabulous designs. Who said angels’ wings had to be white? Credit for the feathered frocks goes to Martin Izquierdo. 




As if giving angels wings wasn’t enough, Izquierdo has also shared his talents with the Milwaukee Ballet. Their fabulous production of The Nutcracker would not be complete without a Rat King and infantry. Izquierdo proposed updated designs for these characters in the late 90s, and they are what you see on stage today. I learned this via a tweet from the Milwaukee Ballet during the VS fashion show and just had to feature it on Salt and Pippa. Milwaukee Ballet was kind enough to share a few concept sketches and photos with me as you can see below. For more on the costumes, visit Milwaukee Ballet’s blog page.



Erik Johnson Photo: Mark Frohna.

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