Music That Moves

by Lauren Setum

I’m not a big reality TV show person, but I do follow So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice. These two shows have managed to keep it classy and showcase some really amazing artists. Every once in awhile, there’s a performance that I find exceptionally impressive like the routines from SYTYCD that I posted back in August. Today, I wanted to share a song sung by Jacquie Lee on The Voice a couple nights ago. I tend to multi-task while watching TV, but when she started singing Angel by Sarah Mclachlan, I put everything aside and just listened.

Jacquie is only 16, but she has such stage presence. The violinists made for a pretty dramatic setting, but I hardly even noticed they were there (don’t get me wrong, kudos to the violinists!). Performances executed as precisely as this one can be really captivating!

If you’re looking to catch a live music performance this holiday season, I highly recommend Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus (if you’re in the area). The group is so talented and entertaining; they always exceed my expectations. See below for performance times and information.


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