Summer Sales You Don’t Want to Miss!

by Lauren Setum

The beginning of each season is always, in my opinion, something to look forward to. I find a new season to be rejuvenating time and time again, year after year. Plus, with each new season comes the end of another, and that means…you guessed it…end of season sales! Don’t dismiss the sale racks…they can be full of items perfect for the upcoming season, not just the previous one, during which they debuted. Skeptical? Take a gander at the looks below, they’re both composed of ‘on sale’ finds!


Black flower earrings: Anthropologie   Red print maxi dress: Lovers + Friends    Jean jacket (perfect for making this look work for fall): Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale’s   Bracelet: Grandmother’s Buttons   Sunglasses clutch: Rebecca Minkoff   Sandals: Neiman Marcus    Non-toxic nailpolish: Scotch Naturals


Necklace: Elva Fields    Green leather jacket: Nordstrom    Jeans: Henry and Belle    Wedge sandal: Nordstrom   Patterned blouse: Rebecca Taylor

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