Weekend Weaving

by Lauren Setum

The Saturday morning farmers’ market by the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis is a breath of fresh air. Not to mention the fresh vegetables, dairy, and baked goods. This weekend, I couldn’t help but stop and take a closer look at the all natural rugs being woven right there on sight. I think it’s easy to look at a ‘handmade’ stamp on the bottom of a bowl or on a garment’s tag and forget to appreciate the process…labor, creativity, originality…that goes into it. When it comes to choosing items for your home, don’t just pick up any old thing. Making more intentional decisions will result in a home that feels more like you.


Melanie Ebertz is a Minnesotan who works with the people of Peru to bring their art here to the states. Her company, artAndes, is located in the Northrup King Building in northeast Minneapolis. On any given day, however, she may be well outside the MN state line. Melanie offers guided trips of Peru for small groups that want to see more than the typical ‘tourist.’ Check out the website to learn more.


A small sampling of the stunning rugs you’ll find through artAndes. The yarn is hand spun and hand dyed, making for a stronger fiber and environmentally friendly product. The rugs are meant to be USED…they’ll only get better with age.

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